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Match Works and Harmony Home and Community Care Unite for the Multicultural Disability Expo 2024


Match Works and Harmony Home and Community Care Unite for the Multicultural Disability Expo 2024

The Multicultural Disability Expo 2024 recently illuminated the vibrant city of Wyndham, marking a significant step forward in the celebration and empowerment of people with disabilities. In a collaborative effort, MatchWorks and Harmony Home and Community Care (HHACC) joined forces to spearhead an event that championed diversity and showcased groundbreaking initiatives within the disability sector.

Morning Preparations and Inaugural Activity

As the sun’s first light dawned the teams, from MatchWorks and HHACC were already in full swing, meticulously preparing for the day’s event. Vendors began setting up, councillors milled around, and the resident videographer captured every moment, creating a buzz of anticipation for what was to be an exceptional day.

Welcoming guests at the entrance was Holly Megne, exemplifying the spirit of participation and community as she distributed gift bags. Her dedication as one of the valued HHACC participants set a heartfelt tone for the expo.

Ceremonial Commencement

The formal proceedings were heralded by the Australian national anthem, a proud moment uniting all in attendance. Danial Khalid (CEO) of HHACC, initiated the expo with an opening speech that highlighted the event’s core values: inclusion, empowerment, and multiculturalism. Ensuring a seamless transition, Danial Khalid then handed the stage over to the Mayor of Wyndham, Jennie Barrera, who further endorsed the significance of such events in the community.

One of the most memorable moments of the event was the introduction of Shawn Van Roosmen’s ceramics, which was not only a triumphant display of personal accomplishment but also a call to engage with and support talents like Shawn’s.

Networking and Advocacy Through Speeches

Following the vibrant opening, a networking hour provided an invaluable opportunity for mingling, photography sessions, and immersive interactions among the attendees. The popularity of Shawn’s ceramics table was a true testament to the community’s support for individual achievements.

Powerful speeches were delivered by the event’s sponsors and MatchWorks, with each addressing pivotal aspects related to the disability sector:

  1. Polaron emphasized the vital significance of language accessibility in the context of multicultural communities.
  2. Canopus Consultants highlighted the crucial role of regulation in ensuring the protection and well-being of people with disabilities.
  3. Metro discussed the importance of supportive infrastructure and the need for better education regarding public transportation options.
  4. My Autonomy focused on an array of services provided through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
  5. MatchWorks, collaborating closely with the expo, reinforced their commitment to supporting NDIS participants and enhancing the overall scope of disability services.

Lunch and Interactive World Cafe Program

The middle of the day was marked by a generous lunch break, offering an array of dishes and a time for attendees to recharge. The post-lunch segment of the expo saw the arrival of special guest Bwe Thay (Deputy Chairperson Multicultural Commission), whose presence added an additional layer of insight into the day’s discussions.

The World Cafe Program emerged as a highlight, facilitating brainstorming and problem-solving, as attendees populated whiteboards with innovative ideas. Groups shared their discussions, fostering a collaborative environment where creativity and shared expertise thrived.

Closing Ceremony and Appreciations

As the day drew to a close, the ceremonial harmonies resumed with Danial Khalid delivering a speech that encapsulated the success and emotions of the event. Bwe Thay (Deputy Chairperson Multicultural Commission) also shared articulated his reflections and support, adding depth to the closing moments. In an act of appreciation, Danial Khalid then presented awards, honoring the sponsors, partners, and all the participants whose efforts were instrumental to the expo’s success.


The Multicultural Disability Expo 2024, guided by MatchWorks and Harmony Home and Community Care, was more than just an event; it was a beacon of progress, a confluence of cultures and communities coming together to support and uplift one another. This expo not only showcased the strides being made in disability support but also sowed the seeds for future initiatives to sprout from the fertile ground of collaboration and mutual respect. We embrace the path ahead with renewed energy, inspired by the successes and the shared journey of the day.


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