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Life Stage, Transition, and Support Coordination and Management

Harmony Services

Life stage, transition, and support coordination and management

Development of daily living and life skills focuses on training and development activities undertaken by the participant or their carer to increase their ability to live as autonomously as possible. Life skills training can be provided either individually or through group activities and can include skills in daily life activities, communication and social skills, problem solving and managing funding of supports. Some of the areas where life skills development activities for the participant are personal hygiene, healthy eating and shopping.

Short-term and long-term support is provided as part of the assistance with life stage transition services to enhance and assist the participant’s abilities and choices. Everyone’s life involves transitions, such as leaving one’s home, enrolling in school, or finding a job. It is never a simple chore, both practically and emotionally, and it gets a little harder for those with disabilities. New environments and settings can be difficult to adjust to. Sensible Care provides a wide range of assistance to help with life stage transitions within this Harmony support category.

impaired senior man in wheelchair and young nurse taking care of him at home

It is critical to keep the person as comfortable as possible during this transitioning period.We collaborate with the participant to facilitate a smooth transition, encourage acclimatisation to a new environment, and foster a relaxed mindset.
Establishing supportive networks in the participant’s shared environment; Coordinating support; Capacity building; Independent living and self-care skills development; Crisis and conflict resolution; Daily planning and budgeting; Linking our support to other supportive community services and programmes.

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